Our MissionReactive the historyinherit the culture

Our TargetBecome the World-Class tourism attraction developerand operator

Our DreamCreate Legend for Dreams!

If you don't want your career to be limited;

If you don't want your experiences to be faded;

If you want to be flying high like hawk in thesky chasing for reborn;

If you have same dream with us and you have thespirit to make your dream come true;

If you enjoy the feeling of facing challenge with open vision;

If you're optimistic and a good team player;

We're seeking for you from the segments of Estate Develop, Construction, Tourism Destination, Big Show, Hotel Management,Tourism Services, Entertainment, etc., with rich experiences in projectmanagement, designing plan, operation, integrating, Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Investment, Finance, Administration and Human Resources.

If you're a holder of bachelors degree with good skill of English and Computer;

Welcome to be one of us!

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